Ifedayo Olarinde Popularly known as (Daddy Freeze) is a Nigerian radio host and presenter born in Osun State. He is biracial, Nigerian father and Romenian European Mother.Mr Freeze attended the international school Ibadan, and later went on to earns for himself a degree in Computer Science from University of Ibadan.

Daddy Freeze we usually calls him started his radio career in 1996 with broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State BCOS, Ibadan where he worked as an On –Air  personality.he started working with Cool FM as a Broadcaster and production Officer after the End of his NYSC Period.

During the Course of his Career, he has been privileged to have one on one interview with the Big Guys in Entertainment industry both local and international act like Boys2  Men, Akon, Charlie Boy, 2 face, D’banj, Sisquo, Brick and Lace and many more.


NAME Ifedayo Olarinde
STAGE NAME Daddy Freeze
OCCUPATION    Broadcaster
PLACE OF BIRTH Osun State, Nigeria.
NET WORTH $220,000 USD


In 2014 Mr Freeze won the Favourite Nigerian OAP Award at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.


Daddy Freeze Net Worth is estimated at $220,000 USD.







Freeze has also been a popular face on TV as a lot of people got to know him when he hosted 3 season of Coca-Cola Mega Millions, he hosted a lot of shows live telecasts which includes Multilinks Telecoms, Mlotto Mobile Lotterys, Break the Bank and many more.

in an interview with Tonto Dikeh Freeze made a statement about a celebrity that gave out recharge cards on Twitter to get Fame, which Don Jazzy aggressively replay back as he saw himself as the person who the statement is directed toward, which led to series of fight on Twitter as at that time.

Personal Life

Daddy freeze is a father with 2 Kids, Married to Opeyemi Olarinde who was his love back in school but got separated after he announced that he was abused by her wife domestically on several Occasions.

Freeze is currently Engaged to Dictachi Foods CEO, Benedica Elechi after separating with his wife Opeyemi Olarinde.

Daddy Freeze has always been a man of high tastes. In an interview with Punch, he dissed the international brand, Michael Kors calling it ‘razz’. He also mentioned that he had a collection of watches worth over  ₦32 million naira. Which a lot of people disagree with his comment on Twitter.

Daddy Freeze on Tithes


Daddy Freeze is a strong critic of clergymen who pay more attention to their luxury lives than a Church congregation.


Recently, the popular OAP had an interview with the host of the Linda Ikeji TV, where he dissected this issue.

He also gave reasons why Christians are not obligated to pay tithes. His reasons were all based on the scriptures.


Here are ten things Daddy Freeze said about religion and tithe.


  1. Religion is the easiest way to play politics.
  2. Boko Haram is as a result of religion.
  3. The religious man is a tool being used by the man selling him that religious brand. He is simply a puppet.
  4. The guy that is telling you to bring your tithe so that God will bless you is telling you lies.
  5. If you pay tithe to any Nigerian pastor you are a goat.
  6. If you want to give your money to Jesus, give it to the homeless, people in the hospital, hungry and naked people.
  7. Private jet-flying Daddy G.Os should be paying tithe to their church members.
  8. Many people are under the bondage of Malachi 3:8–10 which is actually about the priests robbing God, not the congregation robbing God.
  9. Mega Churches are sitting on countries.
  10. What are the churches doing with the 10% of 80 million people’s income?


Daddy Freeze has been called by some people the anti-Christ having the guts to say these scandalous things.








  1. Nobody should ask what daddy freeze is doing with a #32m wrist watch or a 150k wine because he worked for it so he can spend his money however he wants to. He’s talking about (daddy freeze)people collecting from other people,from the poor in the name of GOD!!!

  2. Is Freeze a Pastor too? I think what we need now is the teaching on Repentance, Holiness,Love,Heaven and Hell.The issue of tithe is raising quarrels and brawls every where, and we seem to have forgotten that God will teach us individually when we yield to Him. Even Satan knows the Bible these days,so we must rely on the Holy Spirit and not man. Simple!

  3. Phil, even the Holy Spirit will still have to use human instrument to accomplish His purpose on earth. What we need is superior supportive scriptural verses to authenticate our claims and teachings and not resorting to sentimetal expressions of our whims and caprices. Even the Holy Spirit you referred to has to be tested by the infallible word of God to be accepted. The only antidote to error is the written word of God. Refute Daddy Freeze with superior texts that can prove him otherwise.


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